Michael Jackson Benzodiazepine Tolerance

For many of us, the news of Michael Jackson's early transition saddens me deeply. It would be more distressing, however, if the current focus analgesics and anesthetics suppress the effects of benzodiazepine use was his life. A recent CNN news article claimed that "Michael Jackson took more than 10 Xanax tablets in the evening, asking employees to prescription drugs during their names and also personally traveling to doctors' offices in other states to acquire them."

When more drug is needed to produce the desired therapeutic effect is achieved, it is called "tolerance". Michael's behavior is a classic example of someone benzodiazepine tolerance. He was really hooked, and he was desperate to gain more, to increase the dose. We will never be able to completely understandable that the drug was against him, or tried to eliminate, but she could not cope with the withdrawal symptoms. Was there a doctor who has treated him since the first prescription of benzodiazepines know enough to be able to distinguish between tolerance and other symptoms presenting issues? If so, how is it treated?

Chronic benzodiazepine use as a result of the most bizarre and unlikely manifestation of side effects. In addition, if the tolerance has evolved and reached the maximum safe dose, withdrawal symptoms surface. The user can thus experience memory loss, paranoia, agoraphobia, insomnia, muscle pain and other physical and psychological symptoms have stopped the drug for a long time.

There are also far-reaching social consequences. Many survivors benzodiazepine dependence recall experienced a lack of clarity and incoherence on the drug intensively. They unhealthy relationship, financial and other decisions of life while struggling to feature a permanent zombie-like state. , Those who are not directly affected by this devastation is sometimes difficult to decipher, and blame "other psychological problems."

Although we can not attribute all of Michael Jackson challenges of benzo use, they are familiar with this class of drugs can easily spot the parallels, and now it is obvious how well he should be. Anyone who knew him personally done research to identify relationships between benzodiazepines inevitably use, patterns of behavior and health crises.

It is possible that Michael does not try to quit. Discontinuing benzos are often problematic, and unfortunately many resets in order to be able to function in their daily lives. Abrupt withdrawal or quit "cold turkey" can be dangerous. Users kskenyedik under medical supervision appropriate additional support. The mild addiction to recuperate weeks or a few months. Long-term users, on the other hand, can be subjected to much more prolonged and challenging experience withdrawal. According to Professor Malcolm Lader, the British Institute of Psychiatry "It is more difficult to withdraw people from the benzodiazepines, heroin than it is from."

The "King of Pop" left us to the legendary music. It would be premature to conclude that the results of the current tests will affect the general atmosphere of denial with regard to the harmful effects of long-term benzodiazepine use. Still, we remain hopeful. Meanwhile, the most vulnerable to the "land of benzos", he was brought to the attention and much-needed attention to a hidden, global problem – one of epidemic proportions.

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