Famous medical assistants

If the reputation is something I dreamed since I could remember, becoming a medical assistant is probably not the right decision for you to make. It's a career for individuals who enjoy helping others to feel better and better, does not expect a large amount of recognition in return.

Of course, as with all things, there are always exceptions to everything in this world, which means that we have many cases of medical assistants who loved the profession so passionately that advantage to the education pursuit in life.

Alphonse Laver: Although this name is not very common, this exceptional human being is in fact the person who guessed the causes of malaria, which was very popular with the disease for years around the world. For his beginnings medical help, Alphonse Laver later became a doctor in France and won the Nobel Prize for his medical specialty, Physiology of Medicine.

Maria Montessori: Also in France, this was an ambitious young woman, a medical assistant in Florence, Italy for many years before becoming the first female doctor in the country. Montessori is a very famous name, implemented by the Montessori teaching methods of these specific that we were particularly famous for its incredible teacher-being of children and adults with a passion for medicine.

Debbie Rowe: It may be that this is the first name does not ring … but not Michael Jackson? Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson's dermatologist was part of the team, he worked for the doctor health care assistant . It is because of this work that he and Michael Jackson actually met and formed such a strong friendship. Rowe actually became very famous when he and the iconic and legendary pop king tied the knot and married in 1996, became famous by Rowe to carry the children knew Mr. Jackson so passionately desire.

John Snow: The British doctor was one of the pioneers and the first experts called epidemiology, which is simply the scientific name for the study of the causes and the behavior of certain diseases specific communities and populations. John Snow was incredible researchers and physicians specializing in anesthesia and hygiene surgeries and procedures. Before making any unbelievable passion he thought, Dr. Snow actually began his career becoming a medical assistant in the English town of Pateley Bridge.

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