Famous athletes who wore Goggles

Somewhere along it became embarrassing to wear rec specs (glasses) in sports. Sometime in the mid-1990s, people were reported to be that people who were not wearing the hip crowd. Well, I think that mularkey completed. I mean, it was decided that the lifestyle. Wearing glasses is a lifestyle choice. This article pays tribute to the men who wore them proudly wore night-in, night-out.

1. Eric Dickerson. It is famous for running back toted the football Colts and Rams is like no other in his day. He through the line and burst of speed on the outside, avoiding tacklers would be without any care in the world that someone can just try to gauge the eye. Eric will go down as one of the best runners in NFL history, and the only thing I remember the awesome rec specs.

2. Chris Sabo. He played as well as other great Cincinnati Reds as Jose Rijo and Barry Larkin in the late 80's and early 90's. Sabo was a terror on the basepaths, known for its hustle more than anything. As Sabo stole bases, he never had to worry about getting the loose dirt eyes as he has the authority to rec specs.

3. Kurt Rambis. Another athlete who has never been a question of his lack of hustle, Rambis ran the floor as hard as anyone ever suited up for the Lakers. If a loose ball on the floor, Rambis would hit the deck, knowing that it was a ball, you lose. Finishing just shy of 5,000 career rebounds, Kurt was never concerned about flailing elbow protected by the best money could buy rec specs.

4. While talking about the famous L.A. Lakers, who can forget James Worthy and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? These two players have won more championships playing rec wearing glasses during the show on the lake as well. Both NBA legend, but the skill is known as the rec specs.

5. Horace Grant. A special player the Chicago Bulls dynasty that featured the likes of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, Horace was a tenacious defender and rec-spec wears a threat anywhere on the field. Along with the aforementioned Lakers, he holds several championship rings.

I go to sleep every night in the hope that a creative young people who insist dons rec specs of the program, rather than a trendy LASIK surgery or something else that would make him shed the glasses. Part of the Rec specs history and all the famous players have been named in wearing them.

Long live the rec specs!

Source by Dale Doback

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