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a lot of news of Michael Jackson's death, what have we learned? Michael Jackson to be a powerful anesthetic medication? Reports that he suffered from insomnia, Jackson was apparent drug of choice, intravenous general anesthetic used to sedate patients for surgery in a medical facility or hospital. This is intended to induce sleep quickly to a surgical procedure such as a colonoscopy is a drip system. The patient wakes up quickly, as soon as you turn on the IV drip off.

This type of drug is only meant as a sleep aid for insomnia or anesthesia, not another sleep disorder, because this drug is very strong that the patient is breathing stops or other critical errors can occur. For this reason, to be used in operating rooms and other medical facilities where doctors and trained health workers monitor the patient when something is wrong.

It has also been associated with drug abuse, the people using it to "chill out" or to commit suicide. The powerful drug overdose is a very tight time a person may stop breathing because of the buildup of carbon dioxide, which is the heart to beat irregularly and leading to cardiac arrest.

According to a news report on CNN, Jackson asked for a registered nurse to help her insomnia using this medicine and refused the requests. According to the nurse, a member of Jackson's staff on 21 June pleaded with him to help him, after what seemed like an adverse drug reaction. He was afraid that he used intravenous drugs, she complained that half of his body was hot, while the other half was cold, which is a sign that there was something affects the central nervous system.

The drug has been known to create a painful burning sensation that treat other prescription drugs that have been reported are also found in Jackson's room. Michael Jackson's sister, has stated in an exclusive interview with the London newspaper the News of the World that he believes Michael frail body such a powerful drug. "I think it shocked the system so that he caused the death." He told.

Not only Jackson could have his medical problems resulting from insomnia, he could fight addiction prescription drugs such as pain and sleep aid medications? The autopsy revealed that the stomach is only partially digested tablets. If you are addicted to, over time it is likely that he is the agent that the prescription drugs that could have spoiled the sleep cycle causing him to abuse these medicines.

Unfortunately, Jackson's doctor probably told him that it was safe when it is verified and decided that it even knowing the risks. The nurse called him that day to go to the hospital, but did not go to Jackson, and later died of cardiac arrest.

Jackson will be buried in Holly Terrace in the great mausoleum in Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. September 3, 2009 50-year-old Jackson. REST IN PEACE. Michael.

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