How to coach Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan used to self-improvement and motivation for the best performance natural part of

Motivation of human nature. Everyone has a natural drive to achieve and express himself. The interesting thing about human nature is, however, that despite the fact that the human being is the supreme creation in this material world people regress and deliberately self destruct.

The development of self-supporting natural drive in order to be strong and functional. Human nature is like a plant in a number of fundamental ways. The plant naturally grow and bloom. In order to do that you need growing in the external environment. The plant and the nature of the environment together enable the plant to mature full potential.

Human nature is a natural drive and cultivation work basically the same way that the person to mature and reach their full potential. The people, as opposed to plants that have the ability to consciously choose our goals and we want to develop your potential.

Coach Phil Jackson coaching duties of the alleged leader of the NBA's Chicago Bulls in 1989 to become a coach Coach Jackson motivated in the beginning. It was his self-improvement program that helped him achieve his dreams of coaching greatness.

in his book, Sacred Hoops, the introduction says: "When I was appointed head coach of the Chicago Bulls in 1989, my dream was to not only win championships, but to do it in a way that wove together the two greatest passion. basketball and exploration of the spiritual "coach Jackson, to date, 11 NBA championships than any other NBA coach in history.

The drive to succeed as an NBA coach supported his passion for spiritual exploration, development and launch of production. Many of the players questioned the methods of cultivation practices and resisted, but the results of these methods to tell a story of their own. Even Michael Jordan, the major beneficiary of Coach Jackson's methods were of the opinion that 'you do not have all the Zen thing. "

Player, Michael Jordan was motivated to be the best NBA player time and win NBA champion. He surpassed the most contemporary of the game and won a game before the seven-year NBA career first championship Coach Jackson. There is no question that Coach Jackson cultivating influences helped Michael achieve a successful chasing for so many years.

Michael Jordan was a woman, and development to become a member before winning a first league operating in the department. Before he won his first championship credibility Coach Jackson approached him and said that he could be the best performance in every game, but it was not producing championship. When you perform the "magic" of the other players on the team would stand watch, which hurt the team's overall productivity.

Along with Coach Jackson and Michael Jordan set out a development path to change the culture of individualism, to saturate the Chicago Bulls team and replace it with a culture of team unity and cooperation among its members in order to maximize the team's full potential. In this new culture, all members of the team, including Michael Jordan would be responsible and accountable for performing their tasks and roles. is not the individual statistics, the standard by which each player's performance judged anymore.

Michael Jordan and other players in the Bulls team, I had to learn new ways of thinking and behaving. Held development and growing. It was not easy. It was hard work, but the results paid off Coach Jackson, Michael, and the rest of the team wanted.

What would have happened is that the motivation to excel when there was no tournament was one of Michael Jackson and a special bus? What would have happened without a coherent program of self-development and production of the whole team? One thing is sure and that is that failure breeds failure. And if you do not become the norm, the motivation to excel reduced.

Hopefully you see the relationship of the human drive and cultivation. One without the other is not an island standing alone, could not maximize. If you see a connection you can apply these principles in order to achieve your dream business, marketing, sports, and in any area of ​​human life.

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Michael Jackson – The tragic hero

This is a modern-day tragedy. A young man was an incredible talent and promise, to reach unimaginable success already in his life. A glorious future predictions, but also the lives of a series of more and more strange behavior and events, culminating in early death. Michael Jackson called "The Prince of Pop", but he should be known as the tragic hero of our time.

Who was it really? Michael Jackson was, paradoxically, both the most public and the most intimate form of the past half-century; a man who everyone in the world knows, but few, if any, really know. He ferociously guarded private life; sometimes go to the extreme, even bizarre lengths to hide her and the children "look. He was there and was not there, and now he's really gone.

tragic story began over 50 years ago. Many according to accounts, he was severely beaten and humiliated as a child that mocked his father about the size of his nose and his skin color. a very young age, he and his brothers became world-famous, but he stood out as the star. Fame is never completely positive things for young people: it repels false public persona onto an undeveloped personality and confuses the youth that's true identity

the combination of early childhood trauma and very early fame relatives nitro plus glycerol.. very explosive MJ never had a chance to discover who it was, as a normal young man would be he was a teenager Heartthrob;. a Musical Sensation, the Shining Star are personal Top invested considerable abuse is like a magnificent castle perched on a fragile foundation.. It is imperative that all should come crashing down.

There were early signs that things were not right. He did not date like a normal boy, but it was difficult to determine the conditions of other famous people. Some were much younger and some much older. Most people may say, "This partnership suits them," or "It's bad for them every partner," but MJ has no partner seemed to suit him. In fact, he was so confused sexuality as the companion of his choice.

Then there was the plastic surgery. After the first images captured nasal surgery showed a good-looking young man, but the second one left who are a little too good. Until this time, it seemed like a regular, if thin, young man, but after the second surgery became more androgynous-looking.

Several surgeries later became apparent that there was a serious problem. His face was mutilated. According to some reports, the tip of her nose had been destroyed by too much action, and had to wear a prosthesis. It was almost a relief when he came out of the mask is often worn.

His eyes were officially. It appeared from the bumps too prominent brow; heavy-brimmed black eye liner and unnaturally long eyelashes. He reached for a bright red feminine lips and pulled like one of those middle-aged woman, who was too much of a bad face-lift. This handsome young man turned to someone frighteningly distorted.

Most disturbing was the color of his skin. Growing up, he was the typical features of an attractive African-American man. As the years passed, however, he turned pale and had lost all evidence of his African descent. There was a cruel joke referring to travels that he started out as a black man and a white woman turned around. No one would ever know him to be visually connected with the young Michael Jackson the man later.

Well already to the point where he became a grotesque, his face still continued to change. Maybe she was having work done in vain attempt to repair the damage caused by previous surgery, or maybe it was a condition known as "Body dysmorphic disorder ', where someone falsely believes that one or more parts of the body is unacceptable and must be changed. One of the next public appearance was different, changed. No one knew what to expect. His face is a work in progress, not to be completed, and it was perhaps the best metaphor for the identity.

Despite the ever-changing face it was instantly recognizable. The lanky frame, military-inspired jackets and slim trousers. The pilot glasses and long hair. At one point, the single glove. And yet, his identity was so unstable. He is involved in a number of compulsive behavior. Aside from the ongoing transformation of his appearance, there has been excessive spending, such as eating disorder, more drugs and patterns surrounding his young boys.

accused of many bad acts and acquitted of certain charges he was brought up. In addition to a legal suit in any court of millions of dollars. There's no way to know that it was not guilty of anything other than ill-considered decisions. Whatever the behavior is really involved in, and he's all constraints can be seen as the result of early and continuous childhood trauma.

Some have said that issues of race and he vehemently denied them, claiming that he was proud of his heritage. This was confusing when it approved the three white children. He claimed that he was the elder of two children of their own, but genetics would thus not likely to be practically impossible. He was married briefly twice, and the two women were white as well. This may be a coincidence, but one wonders if he hated his father so much that he tried to erase everything about you that may be similar to this insulting and rejected the father's role model.

Sometimes MJ is not a wonderful thing, such as "We are the World." Sometimes terrible things to her, brandishing a baby over a balcony in front of a group of reporters. Sometimes his inexplicable things such as trying to buy the remains of John Merrick, the "Elephant Man", who suffers from a condition called neurofibromatosis-distorting. It's chilling to think of it wants to have the bones of a man who was seen as the physical mad, and who died tragically young enough.

MJ bought a farm, and called it "Neverland". It seemed obsessed with symbols of eternal childhood. The people in the early and choosing trauma often have difficulty growing up and they see themselves as full-fledged adults. They remain childlike appearance and attitude and naive to operate in the real world. They hold on to their past, hoping to create a happy, loving childhood never had. This was what Michael Jackson did in his petting zoo and carousel? Is this why, like Peter Pan, surrounded himself with his own "lost boys?"

Most recently, it seemed to have stabilized somewhat. He let his children be seen in public without masks and shields. Already comfortable in his role as a doting father and legal troubles were behind him. He is embarking on a major concert series and diligently try to show. His death came as a huge shock to many people, but perhaps not for everyone. After all, it was still a fabulous castle precariously teetering on a weak foundation.

recently discovered that MJ was a serious sleep disorder that she has to sleep under general anesthesia. The doctor, who was outside the proper management of anesthesia in a hospital setting much response.

seems to be the temptation to behave unethically excessive plastic surgeons, family physicians and other health care professionals involved MJ. They put the desire for personal gain, be it money, power and access, in front of the star, what was good for him. Maybe it was that way in fear of his greatness that simply was not possible to reject the wrong and dangerous requests, even if they should

had a number of dysfunctional symbiosis of people who are supposedly looking after him, but who instead were exploiting him or pandering. Paradoxically, the fact that he had so much money and power as he has made it possible for anyone to be around him, to allow the self-destructive behavior.

might be like so many survivors of childhood abuse who struggle deep ambivalence and denial of their past, MJ refused the help that was offered to him. Unlike most people, however, who he was able to thoroughly insulate itself exactly those individuals who may insist he is distancing itself from the toxic conditions in his presence, and getting a real help for the problems.

We may never know why the wonderful, terrible and inexplicable things he did, and here is the greatest tragedy. It is clear that many people loved him, but it seems that nobody has been able to handle the emotional wounds and help him obtain early treatment of trauma therapy is necessary. If there was not someone in his life who knew the truth about his past, and he had the courage and wisdom of a job; perhaps his life could have been saved.

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of humanity – a recurrent theme of Michael Jackson's music and videos

humanism as taut strings of Michael Jackson's heart has become a recurring theme in his lyrics, videos and public persona. Jackson songs like "We Are The World ',' Man In The Mirror" and "Heal the World" to convey his interest in humanism, equality and world peace.

In 1985, Jackson co-writes Lionel Richie's "We Are The World," which was released worldwide to aid the poor in Africa and the United States. Blessed clever promotional and advertising WATW eventually named the biggest selling single of all time. To date it has sold over 20 million copies and raised over $ 63 million for famine relief.

"Heal the World" is a song by Michael Jackson's hit album Dangerous, released in 1991. The song was suffering from unrest music video features children living in countries. She performs the song at Super Bowl XXVII halftime show 35,000 people flash card performance.

Then create the Heal The World Foundation, a charitable organization aims to improve children's lives. The organization also meant to teach children how to help others. This concept of "development for all" will be a central his Dangerous World Tour.

Jackson video, like the song, is also well received. His "Man in the Mirror" video offers a montage of shots of different milestones, such as John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy shooting, Live Aid, Farm Aid, and notable people, including Martin Luther King, Lech Walesa, Mother Teresa Desmond Tutu …. all the profits from his "Man in the Mirror" single will go to charity.

Like the "Man in the Mirror" and "Heal the World", the song "Cry" reminds us of all the problems in the world. It discusses the issues and themes of war, loneliness, lying, changing the world, depression, suicide, miracles and faith; It also recommends that everyone pulls together as one, then all of that changes the world.

However, "Scream," "Tabloid Junkie", and "You Are Not Alone", Jackson directs much of his anger and hurt their personal media. While her ballad "Gone Too Soon", he gives tribute to a young friend Ryan White and the plight of those aids.

In response to the September 11 2001 attacks, Jackson will help organize the United We Stand: What I Benefit concert at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC in concert to support those who have loss of family members or love ones during the attacks , airs on October 21, 2001 and includes lectures dozens of major artists, including Jackson, who will perform the song, "What can I give" the finale.

as the new humanitarian and socially conscious themes Michael Jackson's body of work, "Earth Song," a ballad contains elements of blues, gospel and opera, it is the first to openly deal with the environment and animal welfare. The following images of animal cruelty, deforestation, pollution and war, the video around the destruction and rebirth of the earth.

Like so many of Jackson's songs of love, equality and world peace, "Earth Song" go get a Grammy nomination.

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How Did Michael Jordan become the best basketball player of all time?

Michael Jordan is not only the best basketball player, he is also regarded as an American icon in different ways. Jordan was one of the leading figures of basketball during the mid '80s until the & # 39; at the end of 90-ies and remained one of the most prominent sports figures now. But the road was his "Airness" has never been easy.

it has all experienced disappointment and rejection, Michael Jordan was no different. Jordan tried the high school basketball team, but was rejected because he was considered a short play on the university level. But Jordan did not flinch dreams. He was joined on the junior varsity squad, in which the basketball skills. Eventually he moved to a different level during junior and senior year in high school.

Early life, Jordan has shown tenacity in getting the best basketball player he could be. It was the first lesson that Jordan taught us how to recover from failure and rejection. There are other college and professional games tested determination, but continue to push through until he was able to etch his name athletic history journals.

Jordan is the best basketball player recipes will be really simple and basic lessons in both inside and outside the world of sports.

• responsibility. Jordan took responsibility for his actions, both inside and basketball. It's obvious, it is one of the most popular quotes "Some people just want to do things, others hope it happens, while others that this is happening."

• Taking risks. Jordan is known not only as the best basketball player, but he is also a well-known figure in the various fields. He is also known as an Olympic athlete, an actor and a businessman. Jordan has never excelled in this area, if you do not take the risk, just playing in the comfort zone.

• commitment and dedication. Jordan is an extract of the hard work and practice.

• Enjoy the game. The reason why some people succeed in their chosen craft because they love what they do.

• Humility. Star players or athletes often forget their humble beginnings, and sometimes displayed an air of arrogance.

• Goal setting. Goals motivate both adults and children, it is essential to affordable and achievable goals.

• Seizing the moment. Jordan believed in things that he can do. Opportunities will never postponed, rather grabbed with both hands.

amazing what you thought was important in the life of Jordan glasses just are life skills / lessons tend to forget or underestimate. Michael Jordan was a recipe for success is no secret, but it was a concoction determination, hard work and passion.

Of course, Jordan skills that might never have. We will never be able to get the same speed or in the same vertical leap, but if we do not do something good, or something we love or passion, then certainly the next best thing.

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